Monday, June 18, 2012


   Blah where do I start? I really admire the people who each day (heck, even just once a week) take time out of their lives and post pictures, write loooong entries, and respond to their followers. I wish I had the attention span! Well I'm back again. After a long hiatus I'm back. My summer officially starts this Sunday. I got into the local university, in a new relationship, and on a new diet (see how long that last, hah). What an overhaul I've had. Well I don't have much to write about at this very second. Still crocheting and spinning yarn. <3 Trying new ways of getting a little extra income with my Etsy account while I'm in between work, which starts up in August!
   I'm thinking about posting some of my hand spun yarn on Etsy but I have no idea how much to list them for! I paid probably $3-$4 an ounce for the fiber itself and my time spinning and blah! Something to think on I guess :) Whats the most you spent on hand spun yarn?

Talk at you soon!

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