Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spinning and Crocheting

I've been on a crazy crochet kick lately. My ripple pattern blanket for my boyfriend is about 42% done, the one I'm making for myself is about 25% done. I frogged an old scarf I was making out of Lion Brand Amazing® and started using the yarn to make "Cherry Blossom Shawl" from Crochet Today! I LOVE the crocodile stitch and I'm pretty confident in this pattern. The only problem I have with the crocodile stitch is I just can't seem to find a pattern that I could actually see myself wearing. This cherry blossom pattern I can totally see myself wearing, it's feminine and still has that scaly look that I wish I wasn't afraid to wear. Here is a link to my Ravelry project list. I try to keep the pictures up to date because I love looking at other people's progress in projects so I try to return the favor. Here's some picture of my current projects.

Midna decided to curl up under my ripple blanket as I was working on it. Sooooo cute <3

"No more pictures mom!"
I actually took this last night, and managed to finish plying it last night. The colors are amazing, soft peaches and browns. After I wrap it on my niddy noddy I'll shoot another picture of this and all my other FO that I've spun on my wheel. :}
 This is in Key Largo, I went with my parents to a crab fest or something (I don't eat sea food so not my cup of tea). That guy in the pale yellow Guy Harvey shirt is my dad.
 I saw this in lab class yesterday and it made me giggle. I am an uncontrollable poker. 
 Rex being a goofball.
 And Midna protecting my feet from that monster that moves under my sheets when I'm sleeping (aka my feet).

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