Thursday, December 29, 2011


Guess who just found out that Blogger has an app?! Well this should make my life of posting (and spelling, thank you spell check) easier!!
Welp! I ordered myself a Babe spinning wheel a few days ago and have gone crazy buying fiber, I should be getting it next week and I can not wait! Because I'm in between semesters right now I figured I'd catch up on my crocheting and I've been working on this new project, a blanket for a really great guy.
I'll be posting more now, even with class everyday starting the 4th now that I can do it from MY BRAND NEW IPHONE 4S!!
Check out those fancy bamboo crochet hooks :) My guy got them for me for Christmas and they are AMAZING! So light, and they come in a pink case! :D I'm following Attic24's "Neat Ripple Pattern" and I am LOVING it! Not loving how big of a project it is but it will be super rewarding when it is finally done. I've managed to do 1 row a day since I've started and I plan to maintain at least that until it's done!
I might be doing a picture dump soon, my phone is going to have a stroke!