Sunday, July 17, 2011

Phat Fiber!

After an unsuccessful attempt at the "Sci-Fi" themed Phat Fiber last month, I managed to snag a fluff box of the "Art Nouveau" theme this month! I really really wanted that sci-fi box but I can't wait to see what I get in this box! I also should be getting my months fiber any day now and THIS! I'm really excited to finally have a wheel! I can't decide if I want to spin my black fiber or my green fiber or my monthly fiber first! I'm still working on making a bunch of little lady bugs from felting. I dreamed about felting last night too. ANY WAYS! Just wanted to share my newest purchases (and I think that last purchases for a while). I also started working on two different shawls. The"Flying Fan Shawl" that I had a lot of fun doing last time and a new one "Blue Lagoon". The Blue Lagoon I'm using my silk that I spun from hankies. I'm probably going to re-dye the silk black. The lime green and fuchsia just don't match anything except maybe a watermelon suit, and I do not have one of those. The fan shawl I'm doing my blue fibers that I just finished a few days ago. I've got a ton of yardage from that 150g. I didn't measure it but I'm going to see if there is a WPI to weight formula to see if I can get yard measurement from that and not my 1 yard niddy noddy.
Until next time!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

When ever I say "Independence Day" I always think of that crappy Will Smith movie instead of the actual holiday. Well I had work today after watching the final closing arguments on the Casey Anthony trial (I know you all are watching that!) and I spun all the while. 
I am super duper tired annnnnd I just want to keep spinning -_-. I can not though, I need to really sleep because I have to pull 2 pages out my hat tomorrow for a essay on Archimedes! 
I'm really loving my support spindle now that I've actually gotten good at it. I still don't have the best technique but I'm trying. Maybe this month's fiber I'll spin on my Turkish! I'm honestly regreting saying that I'll spin the entire 4 ounces on the support because it is going to take a life time, and 1 of the three fiber's I have gotten from my club is done. The second (super smooth stuff) is not even a quarter done, and neither is last month's! But man I am going to have some crazy long yardage with this stuff. I think I easily have 60 yards done and I'm maybe 1/10 done. I plan on two-plying it and making another fan shawl (unless I get like 1200 yards! Man that would be AMAZING!) Well anyways! Happy Fourth. Don't loose any fingers y'all :)