Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm Done! Yay!

Last night after work, instead of going to bed or studying I finished all 407 yards of my merino/silk! My only regret is not ply on the fly. Plying the old way is such a pain in the back for me. Next roving (my white stuff >:-D ) I think I'm going to dye like white to dark blue. Maybe with some beige in there.  Kinda beach-y. It's spring so that means beach to me!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ripping My Hair Out!

So work starts in a little over 14 hours for me and looking at my school schedule makes me stress a little! Once again I have to take some class reading to work and hope that it is slow so I can squeeze in a quiz (on my iPhone, which is amazing IMO). But last night, even though the smart part of me said "GO TO BED!" I stayed up and finished my second half of the merino/silk. Super excited to ply it. From now on though, I think I'm just going to ply-on-the-fly. Such a time saver! Unless I want to make a lighter weight yarn. I'm having some issues with wrapping the newer half on a toilet paper roll. It keeps collapsing on itself! Well second try is my last try and I'll just have to deal with it as I'm drafting (is it drafting if you are plying? Or just feeding it?). Pictures soon! Towards the end I couldn't put the last 10g of fiber out of about 60g on the spindle. The yarn was just getting fat and I was getting cranky so I spun it on my other spindle who's similar in weight. Wow, highly suggest having two of similar spindles for that reason a lone. Trying to spin late at night, on an over max capacity spindle is not fun at all.
Alright well until I can squeeze in some time to take pictures of my hair chunks I'm ripping out, plying my yarn (which I really really hope fits on one spindle!), and maybe my painted merino O_O I think I'm going to paint it some under water colors. I love how blues and greens blend in fiber. I really need to push myself into trying a neutral color to make something I can use for all occasions. Like a nice gray or dark blue shawl. OK I'm starting to ramble! Nighty night!