Thursday, December 29, 2011


Guess who just found out that Blogger has an app?! Well this should make my life of posting (and spelling, thank you spell check) easier!!
Welp! I ordered myself a Babe spinning wheel a few days ago and have gone crazy buying fiber, I should be getting it next week and I can not wait! Because I'm in between semesters right now I figured I'd catch up on my crocheting and I've been working on this new project, a blanket for a really great guy.
I'll be posting more now, even with class everyday starting the 4th now that I can do it from MY BRAND NEW IPHONE 4S!!
Check out those fancy bamboo crochet hooks :) My guy got them for me for Christmas and they are AMAZING! So light, and they come in a pink case! :D I'm following Attic24's "Neat Ripple Pattern" and I am LOVING it! Not loving how big of a project it is but it will be super rewarding when it is finally done. I've managed to do 1 row a day since I've started and I plan to maintain at least that until it's done!
I might be doing a picture dump soon, my phone is going to have a stroke!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Phat Fiber!

After an unsuccessful attempt at the "Sci-Fi" themed Phat Fiber last month, I managed to snag a fluff box of the "Art Nouveau" theme this month! I really really wanted that sci-fi box but I can't wait to see what I get in this box! I also should be getting my months fiber any day now and THIS! I'm really excited to finally have a wheel! I can't decide if I want to spin my black fiber or my green fiber or my monthly fiber first! I'm still working on making a bunch of little lady bugs from felting. I dreamed about felting last night too. ANY WAYS! Just wanted to share my newest purchases (and I think that last purchases for a while). I also started working on two different shawls. The"Flying Fan Shawl" that I had a lot of fun doing last time and a new one "Blue Lagoon". The Blue Lagoon I'm using my silk that I spun from hankies. I'm probably going to re-dye the silk black. The lime green and fuchsia just don't match anything except maybe a watermelon suit, and I do not have one of those. The fan shawl I'm doing my blue fibers that I just finished a few days ago. I've got a ton of yardage from that 150g. I didn't measure it but I'm going to see if there is a WPI to weight formula to see if I can get yard measurement from that and not my 1 yard niddy noddy.
Until next time!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

When ever I say "Independence Day" I always think of that crappy Will Smith movie instead of the actual holiday. Well I had work today after watching the final closing arguments on the Casey Anthony trial (I know you all are watching that!) and I spun all the while. 
I am super duper tired annnnnd I just want to keep spinning -_-. I can not though, I need to really sleep because I have to pull 2 pages out my hat tomorrow for a essay on Archimedes! 
I'm really loving my support spindle now that I've actually gotten good at it. I still don't have the best technique but I'm trying. Maybe this month's fiber I'll spin on my Turkish! I'm honestly regreting saying that I'll spin the entire 4 ounces on the support because it is going to take a life time, and 1 of the three fiber's I have gotten from my club is done. The second (super smooth stuff) is not even a quarter done, and neither is last month's! But man I am going to have some crazy long yardage with this stuff. I think I easily have 60 yards done and I'm maybe 1/10 done. I plan on two-plying it and making another fan shawl (unless I get like 1200 yards! Man that would be AMAZING!) Well anyways! Happy Fourth. Don't loose any fingers y'all :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


The other day I was so fed up with the dishes in my house that I decided to order a dang counter top dishwasher!My mom found a website having a 24 hour sail of 20% off plus FREE SHIPPING! Incase you didn't know, shipping on huge appliances is not cheap. And also that my keyboard buttons are sticking...
Well last night I popped off this counter piece that was (hot)glued to the counter, it was just a raised piece right next to the sink, that was very much in the way. I checked under the counter and there was no cut-out under it so I couldn't figure out WHY they would put it there. I now know. There is a huge huge huge burned area under where this raised counter used to be. Very ugly. Know how I fixed that? The other day I picked up some dish towels that matched my aqua blue kitchen counter and just simply placed it right over the charred area. Perfect! Now I do the waiting game for my dishwasher :) By roommates were even nice enough to leave some dirty dishes for me to clean! Now the new dilemma: I need dishwasher soap but I can't leave the house until it gets here!!
Also Tangled Happy posted this tutorial on how to crochet rag rugs from t-yarn. I never thought about using bed sheets! I was just thinking about tossing some too so this works out great.
I signed up for some classes next semester and one of them I have to go to the campus (scarey) AND do 15 hours of internship! Last night I was getting nervous about it but today I'm kinda excited. I think I'm just in a good mood because I have all A's, passed both my midterms, and I am a little ahead on my home work already. Oh and I'm getting a friggen dishwasher!
Well, I need to call and make an appointment to talk to a guidance counselor pronto though. Toodles!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hey Zoo Day!

So I got my new spindle and it is beautiful! I haven't had a chance to use it yet though. I also got this month's fiber from the monthly club and I'm having a good time spinning it on my Tibetan. It's not that hard, just starting it was kind of annoying (you should have seen how frustrated I was trying to start my Turkish not knowing I had to make a hitch-stitch). I also just tried to get this month's Phat Fiber fluff box; the theme was Sci-Fi and pretty much sold out in 4 minutes. Super upset !

I was inspired by this season's Spin-Off magazine to learn to felt! They did this cute thing where they made little felted tomatoes and ran the fiber through the middle and spun them on some green yarn. It looks like a cute little tomato vine. Something tells me they got their inspiration from some art yarn done by Insubordiknit. This is some of their stuff:

And I think they got the idea from this:

I bought this. Also I got some different colors of green to make my own vine themed felted yarn. I'm thinking pumpkins, ladybugs, and maybe some little red grapes. Any suggestions of fruits or veggies that grow on vines? I'm also looking for any suggestions on felting! Well today is my trip to the zoo and this week is going to start getting hectic as soon as I get out of the shower this morning. I got zoo today, homework all day tomorrow, work Monday, work Tuesday, and two mid-terms Wednesday plus I got a million questions for the adviser at the campus. I mapped out that I have to either get all B's this semester or 2 B's and 1 A, depending on which GPA (I have two, I don't get it either). Either way I am shooting for all A's of course! But hopefully the pressure will lighten when they tell me that my higher GPA is the one that is being counted (I really hope this is the case). I'll try to post pictures of the zoo sometime this week (any time after Wednesday sounds good!).


Talk at you later 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I just ran around and took pictures to get you up to date! I couldn't wait till Tuesday :) Then halfway through my shoot I noticed I had a HUGE fingerprint on my lens. Great.
Lets start with my new spindle(s)
This is the newest, my tiny tiny new Turkish Spindle from Threads Thru Time.

It weighs all of .7 OZ and has really cute colors (that you can not see due to me having a 12 megapixel camera and bad lighting).
Next up is my Tilt-A-Whorl lemon garnish :)
I love it. It weighs about 1 OZ and right now I'm spinning that smooth stuff on it. It spins really really well and for the price this guy charges at his shop it is worth it 100%. Not to mention he does custom orders (like my lemon) and is very quick. In fact I love this one so much as I went to get the link for his store I saw this:

and I just bought it. Like just now. It weighs .98 OZ. I was thinking of buying one of his other ones for the longest time, cause it's pink and only $25, but I'm glad I waited because this one looks AMAZING! Why did no one else buy this already?! Anyways, moving on.
This is the smooth stuff from my roving of the month club. I'm chain plying it (that's a 2.75 mm hook on there). i have no idea what I'm going to do with it but it's really smooth and soft.

Not to forget, that's Midna. "Oh, are you doing something? Let me just get right in the middle of that." kinda cat. Forget crocheting or playing GameBoy while laying down. She comes and sleeps on your chest. It's cute, but then you get a mouth full of Midna hair.
This is my latest project, but the one I've had the longest. I just knew it would take a while to finish so I took even longer to start.
But before I started I obtained this AMAZING ball winder. If you don't have one I strongly suggest getting this cheap little like $20 one. It has saved me hours of frustration. I love it. What I'm doing with this is I am splitting all of the six colors in half, spinning half (kinda in a from light to dark order) making a ball, spinning the other half, then 2-plying it. I plan on making another shawl like that fan one I did. Not to mention I still have another bag of grays and blacks that I'll be doing the same thing for to make another shawl. One for me and one for my Mom. Not sure who's getting the blue or black one yet. :)

This is a long skinny scarf I'm trying to crochet. I think it's a H hook and I am crocheting 15 a row until I run out. This is about half way through and it's about 3 feet long. And I think that is about it. I should be getting my latest roving soon (along with a bathing suit top, *sigh* I miss the ocean)
I wish I could put a picture of my convertible cowl that I made with last month's roving but it's getting cloudy and I'm still in my pajamas. Maybe next time.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Burning

So my next month of fiber (which should be any day now) will be spun completely on my Tibetan! No matter how frustrated I get I will do it! Can you ply on a Tibetan? If so I will! I'm still not even a quarter into last month's silky slippery month's fiber of tinsel and shininess but I'm chain plying it and that is my excuse! Along with school and other things >:) Midterm's next week and I got to read like 246456 more pages for my Old Testament class and another chapter in my computer class, which should be sauce because I know how to work on computer real goodly and stuff.

But summer time is here and the Everglades are already on fire! On my way to work Thursday we passed a little grass fire. People need to mind their cigarettes!! But I think some rain (that lasted all of an hour maybe) doused the fires in the Everglades.

This post needs more pictures. I'll get right on that, after I go to the Zoo Tuesday (hopefully!!)



Thursday, June 9, 2011

<3Animal Crossing <3 Miss You <3

So! I've finished plying some home dyed merino and now I am trying to crochet a long skinny scarf. Hopefully it will be done by, oh I don't know, next next winter! It's only about 300 yards otherwise I would have made another shawl.

I'm still working on my second month of my fiber subscription. It's a wool and tinsel mix. It's super slippery and I'm having a blast spinning it on my Tilt-A-Whorl custom spindle. Which looks like a super cute lemon slice! I also just ordered a Turkish (my first!) spindle. I can't wait to try it out!! I was really inspired by the seasonal lychee fruit. My mom was eating some and the shell from inside is this bright fuchsia color and on the outside it flows between crimson to bright red. You just have to see it.

Right now I think I have 2 things spinning (one being 150 grams, the other 4 oz!) and both I've hardly made a dent in due to summer semester school, work, and me being really lazy! Not to mention the Casey Anthony trial taking up half of my day. I'm also trying out a cardboard loom I made to make a really long purse out of my bight green and hot pink silk hankie yarn. One day I'll take pictures!

Any one super excited about the new Wii U? Just me? Aw L I just found out that on the Japanese E3 website they have a video of 3DS version of Animal Crossing! I loooooooooooooove Animal Crossing and watching the preview makes me want to get a 3DS just for that (even though Danny has one). It makes me want to start playing on the Wii again but I really can't I really don't have the time of day. Maybe for my "summer break" after this semester I can play again! 

Me without my handspun long skinny scarf! Burr!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


You can post on your blog from Microsoft Word. Why did no one tell me this?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where Do I Start?

I'm loving my new Kino's (most amazing sandals ever)...
I miss the open ocean...
I'm glad I made new friend's on my cruise...
I wish I could knit (I will be teaching myself one day, crocheting socks is not doable!)...
I love silk hankies...
I hate silk hankies...
I wish things didn't cost money...
I wish Noodles didn't love destroying socks...
I wish my fishes tank would stop leaking (it's really weird, it manages to leak to the bottom of the shelves but nothing under the tank is wet!)...
I wish school wasn't starting tomorrow...
I need to find more time in my day...
I like how I've been waking up before 8 AM for the past week...
I'm excited that I can apply for my bachelors next semester (I hope!)...
I want to go snorkeling or learn to scuba dive...
I love my digital water resistant (UP TO TEN FEET!) camera...
It's a really beautiful day for a holiday...
I am really happy I'm going to the Keys today...
I hope you don't mind picture dumps...


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello Again!

Busy as usual. Finished the semester with all A's and B's! I have currently 3+ projects going on in my spinning! 4 OZ of hand dyed silk hankies (fuchsia and lime green), my new (!!!) wool monthly subscription, plus two packs of 150g wool that I want to make more shawls out of. And school starts Monday for the Summer semester (which is a whole month shorter, so it sucks). Taking three classes and hopefully if I pass all three (which I will because I'm amazing) I'll get my A.A.! Danny and I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas yesterday and I am super exhausted. I have 2-3 days to get the max amount of spinning done before school, plus I have work! Being a grown up is time consuming! Oh yeah I turned 23 (I keep forgetting I am not 21 anymore) April 21. I had work. But a friend and I went down to Key Largo and spent the night and bar hopped and had a blast. Both my vacations I didn't really have time to spin so I didn't bring my spindle (or yarn or hooks!). I wish I had more time off but hopefully if I finish my A.A. I'll be applying for my B.A. (23 and starting my BA -_-) and going towards my teaching degree so school I imagine will be a lot harder than now (and time consuming) BUT I can't wait to be done with school and be able to get a really real job!

Until next time,

Toodles! :D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm Done! Yay!

Last night after work, instead of going to bed or studying I finished all 407 yards of my merino/silk! My only regret is not ply on the fly. Plying the old way is such a pain in the back for me. Next roving (my white stuff >:-D ) I think I'm going to dye like white to dark blue. Maybe with some beige in there.  Kinda beach-y. It's spring so that means beach to me!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ripping My Hair Out!

So work starts in a little over 14 hours for me and looking at my school schedule makes me stress a little! Once again I have to take some class reading to work and hope that it is slow so I can squeeze in a quiz (on my iPhone, which is amazing IMO). But last night, even though the smart part of me said "GO TO BED!" I stayed up and finished my second half of the merino/silk. Super excited to ply it. From now on though, I think I'm just going to ply-on-the-fly. Such a time saver! Unless I want to make a lighter weight yarn. I'm having some issues with wrapping the newer half on a toilet paper roll. It keeps collapsing on itself! Well second try is my last try and I'll just have to deal with it as I'm drafting (is it drafting if you are plying? Or just feeding it?). Pictures soon! Towards the end I couldn't put the last 10g of fiber out of about 60g on the spindle. The yarn was just getting fat and I was getting cranky so I spun it on my other spindle who's similar in weight. Wow, highly suggest having two of similar spindles for that reason a lone. Trying to spin late at night, on an over max capacity spindle is not fun at all.
Alright well until I can squeeze in some time to take pictures of my hair chunks I'm ripping out, plying my yarn (which I really really hope fits on one spindle!), and maybe my painted merino O_O I think I'm going to paint it some under water colors. I love how blues and greens blend in fiber. I really need to push myself into trying a neutral color to make something I can use for all occasions. Like a nice gray or dark blue shawl. OK I'm starting to ramble! Nighty night!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quick Favor :)

A fellow Miami Dade Student needs your help. His story is posted here. If you could donate even like $.50 it all adds up in the end! To have one kid with this condition must be devastating, but to have two must be so hard on the family. If you can help out please do :) Thank you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Half Down, Half to Go!

Well 46g down, 59g to go! Last night I finally finished the first half that I divided of my pink silk/merino and it's sooooo soft. I can't wait to do the other half :) Plus I still have the white merino to paint AND probably by the time I am done with my pink stuff I'll have enough money to get a fiber club. Then I will be set. If you have not noticed from my earlier post, I only use to do thick singles. I could go through an ounce in maybe 60 yards. Now that I got a good, light spindle It takes me weeks to make my lace weight singles (for plying) from only one and half ounces. I love how my old things look from my fat singles, but I really love the quality and look from my plied. In one of the pictures the yarn kinda looks like brains >:) It's still super springy and is currently resting on a back of a chair to try to retain the shape. It came out to be about 310 yds. I really hope that my second half is close to that. The 13g difference is a lot to me, considering 13g is over a 1/4 of the weight of one half. Ugh now I'm stressing! I'll just ply on the fly what ever is left. I can do it! Now for pictures! And holy crap I wish Photobucket didn't have the picture of the nose-pierced bear right when I tab over. I love animals, and I donate to WWF when I can, but I feel guilty not being able to help circus bears!
Place mats make excellent backgrounds!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi Again :)

Been busy this week! Birthday party's at South Beach, school, work (!!!), WoW, which my time card just expired, not sure how I feel about that right now! Anyways! I have been working on my pink/orange/white silk/merino that I ordered forever ago. Wow, that project is going to take a while! Plus I have the white merino to play with after, I think I'm going to paint it, not sure what colors yet! I have seen some AMAZING paint jobs recently and I might have to take a swing at one. Also I'm shopping around for a fiber club, which as soon as work starts up I will be purchasing, or maybe with some birthday money that I will hopefully be coming across late April :)

I was looking at the crochet group on Ravelry and found a thread about reading charts. I can not for the life of me read them! Well some one posted this awesome link that has the symbols (in US AND UK) and I thought I'd share it with you. It also has knitting symbols, but to be honest it could be Kanji for all I know! Perhaps one day I'll knit. Here it is! Hopefully that can help some people like me who can't read pictures (for the first time in a long time).

I was watching this documentary the other day on Oxygen and it was about Ethiopian girls being married off at really young ages, really sad stuff. But while I was watching it they had a brief clip of a woman sitting and using a drop whorl spindle. Thank goodness I have a DVR, because i rewound it like 5 times to watch her for a split second. How she was doing it was she had a ball of, what looked to me, just some bunched up fiber. She would take the hook, swipe it in the fiber, pull it out, then spin-drop the spindle. Granted the yarn was lumpy and uneven, but that method was amazing. I have to try it when I come across some not so greatly coarsen fiber, or just a ball of it. I bet that yarn would make for an amazing weaving, lumpy and uneven makes for interesting FO's.

If any one has a suggestion on any good fiber clubs, please, please, please! Tell me about it :) I'm looking for something at least 6 months, and not crazy expensive. I love bright colors and I don't really care for single color fiber.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beautiful Day

It's great that it rains for one day here and you get at least two nice days of clear skies out of it! :) Before I did anything this morning I took pictures of my first ply on the fly method yarn. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it, I might just use it to make my hexagons for my blanket, which I have been too side tracked lately to work on! I need to get on that, one of my New Year goals, aside from the usual: lose weight, finish school, not die, and not get pregnant is to make a blanket out of my own hand spun yarn. It is going to require at least 200 of these cool looking hexagons. So far my color selection is crazy. I mean any color under the sun in different mixes. Here is a few pictures of my yarn:
Also, as a huge fan of Japanese culture, I was deeply upset and shocked by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan yesterday. I hope that more of the people missing are found alive and my thoughts go out to those families who are suffering right now. And let's hope that the nuclear plants over there can hold out and not cause any more damage to this already shaken country. It is amazing that no matter how prepared a country is, and Japan has to be one of the most earthquake ready countries, devastation can still find a way of slipping in.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yucky Day

It's raining outside today so it is an awful day to take pictures. I've been trying ply-on-the-fly method and I'm pretty happy with the results. I have no idea what to do with it, but I made a roving that is violet, purple, red, and pink. I wish I had pictures of it!

I still haven't gotten my order from England of my pink/orange roving and my white roving. I think instead of just mixing in some firestar that I'll be hand dying it instead. I really want to make something blue or oceanie, or maybe some thing like the "Rosewood" color spun here.

I'll try to take pictures tomorrow when this cold front finally gets here. It should be nice and blue outside. Thank goodness my power hasn't gone out while typing this. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

New spindle and lots of Fiber!

I got my spindle, and with it came an extra one! I was so happy when I saw two cones wrapped in there! It also came with a small sample of fiber 80/20 Cormo/Mulberry silk yarn. I spun that first to try out both of the new spindles, then plyed that and crocheted some cute little clovers (which you can buy on my Etsy store :-D ). I also have mid-terms this week, new Pokemon game came out, and a million other things to do this week. BUT! I managed to spin, ply, and take a few pictures of my finished monthly challenge rainbow yarn. You know, the one I waited patiently (surprisingly) to spin with my new amazing spindle(s!). They spin so well I could go on and on about how smooth it is and how pretty they are but I won't. I'll post pictures instead!

Fiber! :)